Sea Kayaking and Navigation

Sea kayaking in Saint Anna & Gryt is as easy or hard as you make it. You have endless freedom in choosing your route and how much distance to cover. If weather conditions make it difficult you can always opt to stay put. Family-friendly! A great adventure for families with kids over 12 years old.

Kayaking on the sea

Paddling in Saint Anna is relatively easy, similar to paddling on a large lake instead of the open sea. There are no tides, currents or big swells to worry about - the islands break up wind and waves. It can however get very windy and choppy at times, especially in July–August.

Battling the elements can definitely be a fun part of your adventure. There are usually islands close-by and you can always choose to stay put while waiting for calmer weather. We give you a cell phone and send daily weather reports, so you can plan your route accordingly.

We use stable double kayaks for all beginners and intermediates. They are fast, yet almost impossible to roll over - perfectly suited for covering vast distances and carrying lots of gear. We provide single kayaks strictly for experienced kayakers.

Navigating through a maze of islands

It's an interesting challenge to find your way around the islands. We teach you the basics of navigating in this area. After a lil trial and error even the novice navigator will excel at taking out routes and recognising land & water marks.