Solo Travellers Unite!

Natalie solo traveller

Introducing: 5 day guided exploration of Saint Anna & Gryt

And she's back!


The return of the one and only Helena

Time to Wrap it Up...

Team 2017 pizza

Another season in Saint Anna wrapped up, our 13th if you can believe it!

A Love Note to Summer in Saint Anna

Justine sunset

The kayaking season may be over but the memories are still fresh

Navigating the Night

Justine night cooking

There's no bad light, only bad planning

Made it to Marö Kupa

Maro kupa justine

The look-out point you can climb up and see the geological wonders of Saint Anna

The History of the Hunting Boat

Img 0252

The word "qajaq" or "kayak" comes from the indigenous people of Greenland and literally translates to "hunter’s boat"

I <3 Harstena

Do the north harstena house %281 av 1%29

Pronounced: Harsh-tay-nah/ This is an absolute must-see if you want to truly experience a kanelbulle in a kayak

Coming up Cloudberries

Dothenorth pancakes

An edible amber-coloured fruit that grows best in arctic tundra and tastes best on pancakes

Hanging out in Håskö

Dothenorth h%c3%a5sk%c3%b6

The island with two special characters unique to the Swedish alphabet and the most authentic homestead in the archipelago.

Pizza in the Pines

Dothenorth pizzagrating

As someone who isn’t Swedish, I never would have thought pizza was an exceptionally Swedish dish . . . but it turns out, I am wrong.

Midsommaring Like a Swede

Midsommar hang jpg

Bucket List: One down, One to go!

Kanelbulle in a Kayak


So who is the Canadian girl who left London for a Swedish summer in a kayak?