Self-guided expedition


5+ day self-guided kayaking in Saint Anna & Gryt

A true self-guided adventure exploring Saint Anna & Gryt. We sort out everything practical, but the holiday is yours... all yours.

A complete package from start to finish - We provide all kayaking, camping and cooking gear needed. On site we help you pack and give instructions on paddling, navigation and the area. Return transport Norrköping-Saint Anna included as well as access to our comprehensive food order system.

Top notch equipment - This is a wild holiday - you’ll quickly find yourself far away from civilisation completely surrounded by water and wilderness. After well over a decade of gearing up hopeful adventurers, rain, wind or shine, we have landed on the highest quality equipment that is sure to bring you comfort in the wild.

Wild camping permitted anywhere - There are thousands of islands out there, almost all of them uninhabited. Look for that perfect spot, set up camp and make the island your own for the night.

Kayaking through a maze of islands - Saint Anna & Gryt are amazing for kayaking - the islands are close with no major thoroughfairs for larger boats, just the odd sailing boat in the distance. Paddling conditions are relatively easy with no tides or swells.

A landscape rich in culture & history - You will get plenty of solitude and wilderness on your adventure, but the area has also been home to fishermen, miners and farmers for centuries. Our detailed laminated guide book will help you explore.

Wildlife encounters - A bird lovers paradise with a variety of habitats for common and rare sea birds. Saint Anna boasts the largest population of Sea Eagles in Sweden - sighting them is almost a given these days.

Price per person:
  • 5 days (e.g. Thu–Mon)
  • 6,900 SEK*
  • 6 days
  • 7,600 SEK*
  • 7 days
  • 8,200 SEK*
  • 8 days
  • 8,800 SEK*
  • *Opt out of food order and transport
  • -1,000 SEK
  • *Price reduction young adults (12-17yrs)
  • -1,000 SEK
Group discount: 7 people or more, 10% off.
Early-bird discount: Book and pay your trip before March 31st, 10% off.
Group size: 2–12 people.
Minimum age: 12 years accompanied by an adult.
Prerequisites: Must be able to swim and have a taste for adventure. Weight limit, 120 kilo per person. Beginners are welcome!
Fitness level: Low/medium.

A Scandinavian wild camping adventure


  • Top quality kayaking, camping & cooking gear
  • Return transport Norrköping-Saint Anna
  • Food order - we shop and pack for you at cost price
  • Briefing on the area, navigation and safety
  • Detailed guide book
  • Cell phone for weather reports & communication
  • 24/7 Do the North service while kayaking

Check out all gear that is included →

Not included

  • Flights to Sweden
  • Food & Beverage

what to bring

  • A couple of sets of clothing
  • Shoes for water & land
  • Towel & swimwear
  • Sunglasses, sun cap, sun block & toiletries
  • Camera

Make your time count.

Launch and finish at different spots. Choose from three pick-up locations to cover lots of Saint Anna & Gryt and catch the highlights. Flexible pick-ups make it easier to adapt your route to prevailing weather conditions.

Example travel itinerary for of a 5+ day trip.
Typical food cost is between 600-1,000 SEK per person.
  • First day
  • 10:00
  • Depart from Norrköping
  • We'll meet you at a location of your choice in Norrköping.
  • ~11:00
  • Welcome to Saint Anna Archipelago!
  • Arrive at the Do the North launch site.
  • ~12:00
  • Prepare for launch
  • Re-pack your clothes into the supplied drybags.
  • Pack gear and food into the kayak.
  • Briefing on safety, paddling and navigation.
  • ~12:30
  • Bon voyage!
  • You're off for 5+ day kayaking adventure.
  • Request pick-up from the archipelago
  • Let us know which of the 3 pick-up points you'll be finishing your trip at.
  • Final day
  • Paddle to chosen pick-up point
  • Unload gear, re-pack your clothing, load the van.
  • Travel time varies depending on other pick-ups and traffic.
  • ~17:00
  • Drop-off in Norrköping
  • We'll drive you back to Norrköping and drop you off at your chosen location.

Day by day itinerary ...

Paddling through Saint Anna & Gryt gives you the unmistakable feeling of an idyllic landscape from the past. Our 5 day+ Self-guided Expedition leaves you the time and freedom to truly explore the area and catch the highlights.

Day 1 – Into the maze

Our launch-site Mon is located in a sheltered bay - soon you round the first islands and see a maze spreading out in all directions. On your way northeast towards Aspöja you pass several bird sanctuaries teeming with bird life. Visit Aspöja village to buy lamb or goat's cheese from the local farmer, and find a camp spot on one of the beautiful islands to the south.

Day 2 – A band of islands against the horizon

Weather conditions allowing, your following day is a gorgeous paddle southeast through the outer archipelago and its barren, wind-pined little islands. The horizon and the open sea is your backdrop. After a strenuous day you reach the famous navigation mark Kupa Klint. It's a great lookout with spectacular views of the hundreds of skerries of the Missjö Archipelago - the most finely-chiselled archipelago that exists in Sweden.

Inside the outer band of skerries is the large island Missjö and its parallell islands. It's superb for camping with little nooks and crannies everywhere. There is a small pub on Missjö run by local boat taxi man Mats.

Day 3 – The village that time forgot

Your exploration continues south towards Harstena Village. You are greeted by an idyllic view of the village as you paddle a small inlet to the water-side restaurant. Harstena is renowned for its picturesque and historic beauty. Visit the old school/museum and seal processing factory, eat delicious cinnamon swirls from the bakery or buy smoked fish from the local fisherman.

West of Harstena you find great camp spots around Torrön with stunning views for your sunset.

Day 4 – A wood-fired sauna on the sea

Continue west through the narrow straight by Vaggön with its steep rocky walls that crashes into the water, and round back up to Håskö. It's one of the region's last untouched homesteads. They have a small scale fishing operation and are well-known for their fresh deboned perch and cured salmon.

Day 5 – The old copper mine

Paddle south through the tiny straight by Kråkmarö - a pretty and secluded area with lots of traditional summer houses, aiming for Fångö. During the 1800s, Fångö was a prominent site for mining copper and there are many remains from this era - deep mining shafts, house foundations and massive piles of waste rock.

Opposite the Fångö copper mine is Gubbön navigation mark. Climb to the top to get a gorgeous view of the Gryt Archipelago.

Day 6 – A paddle to the end of the world

Häradsskär Lighthouse is an impressive place to reach, not for the faint of heart. It's located far far out in the archipelago, southeast of Fångö. The only sounds you hear are bird calls and the rhythmic crashing of the sea against the smooth rocks. You're as far out as you're going to get and it's beautiful!

*Weather conditions will effect your route. This example includes some strenuous outer archipelago paddling - your route will be significantly easier and more sheltered if you remain in the inner and middle parts of the archipelago. Establishments on Harstena are open June 22-Aug 28.

Kat hill kayak
Evening light j and c
Islands in sunset

Getting here

Norrköping, the major hub of the area, is just an hour bus transfer from our closest airport. You can fly from a number of cities in the UK and around Europe - we strongly recommend flying in the night before. You can also arrive by train or car.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Fly Ryanair to our closest airport. Stockholm Skavsta Nyköping (NYO) is conveniently located bewteeen Stockholm and Norrköping. An airport shuttle takes you to Norrköping (55 mins).

Car rentals –
Flights to Skavsta –
Airport Coaches to Norrkökping & Stockholm –

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholms main airport is located on the north side of Stockholm. Fly Scandinavian Airlines, British Airways, Norwegian etc. Take a direct train from the airport to Norrköping (2 hours). Perhaps visit Stockholm for a day or two before taking a train from the city to Norrköping.

Stockholm Arlanda –

Norrköping Train Station

Go by train to Norrköping C.

Trains to and from Norrköping –

Spending the night in Norrköping

Stay at a hostel or hotel of choice in Norrköping and we’ll pick you up in the morning around 10 am. Norrköping is a beautiful city with many restaurants and an amazing water-scape.

Show details
Centralstationens Vandrarhem
Centralstationens vandrarhem

The hostel is conveniently located on the second floor of the train station and only a couple of minutes walk from your train or airport shuttle. WiFi, Sheets/Towel and self-serving breakfast is included in the price.
Price per room
  • Single
  • 590 SEK
  • Double
  • 840 SEK
  • 3-Bed
  • 1,040 SEK
  • 4-Bed
  • 1,240 SEK
  • 5-Bed
  • 1,540 SEK
  • 6-Bed
  • 1,740 SEK
  • WC/shower en suite
  • 100 SEK
The Lamp Hotel
The lamp

This hot boutique hotel with a chic, shimmering interior mixed with raw design is located 700 meters from the train station. Breakfast is included. All rooms are equipped with WC and Shower, TV and Wi-Fi.
Price per person
  • Single Deluxe
  • 1,435 SEK
  • Double Deluxe
  • 1,690 SEK
  • Grand Single Deluxe
  • 1,775 SEK
  • Grand Double Deluxe
  • 2,075 SEK
  • Junior Suite
  • 2,795 SEK
  • Single Deluxe
  • 350 SEK

Transport to Saint Anna

Saint Anna is located an hour southeast of Norrköping. Its proximity to the city quickly disappears as you travel the windy country-side roads towards the coast.

Return transport Norrköping–Saint Anna – including food order

The easiest and quickest option is included in our package. Our driver will pick you up at the train station or hostel/hotel in Norrköping at 10 am. The drive to Saint Anna takes about an hour. Access to our comprehensive food order system included. Plan and order ahead of time and we shop and pack for you, same price as in the supermarket. Several finish points to choose from for ending your kayaking trip.

Local transportation & Taxi - opt out of transport & food order

The most inexpensive option is somewhat less practical and more time-consuming. Take a local bus (60 SEK) from the train station in Norrköping to nearest small town Söderköping - buses leave almost every hour.

You shop your own food and there is a supermarket in Söderkoping walking distance from the bus station. When you plan your meals, take into consideration that there are no lockers available and you will carry your groceries and bags by foot back to the station.

From Söderköping you travel to Saint Anna by small bus or taxi for only 45 SEK/person one-way. It's very inexpensive on account of these transportations being subsidised by the tourist office as a substitute for regular public buses.

Several pick-up points to choose from for ending your kayaking trip, transport back to Mon included.

Book your taxi transport at least one day in advance. Ask for transport from Söderköping station to Mon, or reverse for your return trip.

Service available
  • Monday–Friday
  • 9am–12.30pm, 5pm–9pm
  • Saturday & Sunday
  • 9am–5am
Book taxi – +46 (0)771 711020
Bus schedule –

Rental/own car - opt out of transport & food order

It's not that expensive to rent a car at the airport and it makes a lot of sense, especially if there are more than 2 of you. A car means lots of freedom and makes food shopping easier. There are large supermarkets in Norrköping with a Systembolaget adjacent (the Swedish alcohol monopoly store, regular supermarkets only sell 3.5% beer, nothing else).

Whether you are coming from the north or south you will aim for Söderköping. Take road 210 just south of Söderköping towards Sankt Anna (about 40 km). Drive 800 meters past the bridge "Lagnöbron", turn left at the sign to Mons Camping, and continue 2 km to our kayak centre by the waterfront. Free private parking available. Several pick-up points to choose from for ending your kayaking trip, transport back to Mon included.