Terms and Conditions


All trips, activities and transfers will hereafter be referred to as “tours”. All bookings are made with Do the North AB, a tour operator based in Sweden (organisation number 556991-5381). Do the North AB will hereafter be referred to as “we”. All the information provided on the website is, to the best of our knowledge or belief, correct at the time of publication. We will advise you of any changes that are fundamental to the contract or which we believe will affect the enjoyment of the holiday.


When a booking is made, we will send you a booking confirmation by email with an invoice requesting a deposit of 1,000 SEK per person and detailing the remaining amount that will be payable upon arrival at the tour. If Do the North has not received the deposit amount by the due date of the invoice the booking will be cancelled.


If you must cancel your tour, send us an email with your written request. 

– Cancellations can be made at no cost up to 14 days from the date of the booking confirmation.

– Cancellations between 15 days from the booking confirmation date and the day before arrival will be refunded the full amount excluding the deposit paid.

Requests for a change to your booking must be made by email. We will make every effort to assist you, but cannot guarantee to be able to meet such requests.


Remember that the address and contact details you provide us with when making a booking are our only way of contacting you.

Please read your confirmation carefully and check that all dates/times and products/services are booked according to your requirements. If not, please contact Do the North to correct any misunderstandings immediately.


Follow all rules and instructions that apply to activities and the use of the equipment, you are responsible for looking after it during your tour. A reasonable level of wear and tear is expected over time, and you should notify us if anything is faulty. The equipment will be inspected upon your return to ensure it is in good working order.

In the event of excessive damage that is the result of careless behavior or mistreatment of equipment, Do the North reserves the right to charge you for repair or replacement costs incurred.


Any problems that occur during your stay must be reported immediately to the staff at Do the North, so that we have the opportunity to resolve them.


The personal data you submit on the Do the North website will be treated with the utmost care and respect. We handle personal data submitted to us in accordance with what is laid down in the Swedish acts of personal data (“Personuppgiftslagen” SFS 1998:204) and electronic communication (“Lagen om elektronisk kommunikation” SFS 2003:389). Personal data includes your name, address, phone number and email address.


Force majeure means unusual, unpredictable and unavoidable events that are outside of the organisers control, and that prevent the contract to be fulfilled. During these conditions the organiser is free from liability or other consequences.


Do the North reserves the right to change times, prices, payment, booking or discount conditions at will. Prices for coming seasons are always preliminary and are subject to change.

Safety and Responsibility

Our tours are self-guided, and you undertake it at your own risk. Outdoor activities always have potential risks, and it is up to you to take reasonable care. Do the North provides you with the information and equipment needed for wild-camping and kayaking safely, and by booking a tour you are acknowledging responsibility for the safety of yourself and your companions. All members of the tour must be capable of swimming in open water.


The Saint Anna archipelago is a sensitive environment that is governed by Swedish law. The rules of “Allemansrätten” grant you the right to public access, allowing freedom to camp in the wilderness provided that you respect the nature and property. There are nature reserves with restrictions that must be adhered to, as shown on the maps provided and clearly signposted on the islands.


Campfires are permitted on the islands unless a total fire ban is in place, or Do the North deems that it is unsafe. We will notify you if this is the case at the time of your visit. Caution must be exercised with having fires, and they must not be made inside the forest or directly on the rock. The fireplace must be at least 20 metres away from trees and tents. The fire must be a reasonable size for cooking, and the flames must not exceed 1 metre high. The fire must be attended at all times, and put out properly with water to ensure there are no hot embers remaining.


Kayaking is possible in most weather conditions, however in extreme circumstances we may be forced to make alternative arrangements. If a severe storm prevents departure then we will provide accommodation while waiting until it is safe to set out. Please note that changes may occur at a short notice, even on the same day. If you feel uncomfortable with paddling back to the pick up location on your final day, you may request a water taxi to bring you ashore. We can arrange this service at your expense.


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